Which Is Better, Home Care or Assisted Living?

By The Care Centers.

Many people have to make decisions as their loved ones grow older. If you have an elderly family member who needs some help so that they can handle their daily activities, then you will need to determine what to do in order to ensure they get the help required. Two options are assisted living facilities and in-home care. How do you know which is best? Actually, there is no one option that is better than the other in all cases. The decision has to be made in a case by case manner. You will need to evaluate your own loved one, talk to their doctors and them as well and then determine which the best option is. 

To help you make the decision between assisted living and in-home care, here is a list of questions you can ask yourself. That way, you can get a real idea of what will be best for your own loved one. Write down your answers to each question if needed so that you can get all of the information in front of you and then make a choice. 

Questions You Need to Answer Before Making a Decision

Each of these questions matters, and your answers will guide you in the right direction so that you can make the right decisions for your elderly loved one. You may even want to go over these questions with your loved one so that they can add their input, which will be very important to the decision as well. 

  1. What does your loved one want? Do your best to honor their wishes, so talk to them about the options. 
  2. Does your loved one currently live alone? This could have an impact on what will be best for them since no one will be there to help them when needed. 
  3. Could someone move in with them or is there someone they could move in with? Obviously, staying with family would be the better option for your senior’s mental state if possible. 
  4. Will someone visiting a few times a week be enough to keep your loved one safe?
  5. Can your senior prepare their own meals or do they need help with this?
  6. Does your loved one remember to take medication or do they need someone to remind them?
  7. Have you taken your loved one to assisted living facilities to see if they like any of them?

Use these questions to get a better idea of what will be best for your loved one. 

There is no better when it comes to in homecare or assisted living facilities because it depends solely on your loved one and their needs. You can learn more about assisted living facilities by reading this article (Five Things to Know about Nursing Home Legal Matters). You can also read this article, which explains the different types of in homecare (Five Different Types of in Home Care Services). This will give you a better idea of each of these options so that you can make the right decisions. 

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