What You Need to Know about Senior Move Managers

By The Care Centers.

When it comes time for your senior loved one to move to an assisted living facility or nursing home, then you need to do everything possible to ensure the move goes smoothly and is less stressful for your family member. Usually, people will reserve this type of change until there is no other choice because most seniors would prefer to age in place (stay in their home). No matter the case, when it is time to move the loved one to a nursing home, then one thing you can do to make everything easier is hiring a senior move manager

What Is a Senior Move Manager?

This is a professional moving company that has specific experience in helping elderly individuals move. They understand how to ensure everything is packed properly so that the loved one’s items will be best taken care of. The last thing you would want is something precious to your family member getting damaged or destroyed during the move. 

A senior move manager may either employ the movers themselves so that you get a whole team all ready to help your loved one or they may oversee the movers from another company. This way, your loved one will get the best move possible no matter what. 

Services Offered by a Senior Move Manager

  • Depending on the manager you choose to hire, there could be different services available. They could include the following: 
  • Developing a plan for the whole relocation
  • Organizing the loved one’s belongings
  • Helping the loved one downsize
  • Arranging donations, sales, or other disposal of unwanted items
  • Overseeing the actual movers
  • Arranging storage
  • Ensuring professional and careful packing
  • Unpacking and setting up the new home
  • Working with a realtor to sell the home
  • Overseeing cleaning the home in preparation of sales

So, depending on what your loved one will need, you should be able to find a senior move manager who can handle the process. By having everything taken care of in this way, you can take a lot of stress off yourself as well as your elderly family member, who may already be in duress over moving to a nursing home in the first place. 

Finding a Senior Move Manager

The easiest way to find one of these professionals is to look them up through the National Association of Senior Move Managers or NASMM. If the manager is certified through this source, then you can rest assured that they know what they are doing. 

Moving your senior loved one to a nursing home can be stressful, but hiring a senior move manager can help a great deal. In addition, read this article (Five Ways to Make an Assisted Living Move More Successful) and you can learn how to make the move to an assisted living facility more successful.  To determine what you will need to do, you may also wish to read this article (The Role of Friends and Family when Elderly Individuals Move to a Nursing Home) so that you can better determine what you will need to do to help your senior move. 

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