What to Expect from in Home Care

By The Care Centers.

If you have an elderly loved one and you need to set up in-home care services for them, then you may wish to know what to expect. After all, if you have never hired these types of services before, you may not know what is going to happen, how the visits will work, or anything. The whole concept of having someone coming to a loved one’s home and handling various activities can be a little concerning. So, let’s take a few moments to discuss what you can expect no matter what type of home care services your loved one will be getting. 

The types of home care services offered by the attendant can range from basic chores to personal care to a comprehensive program. What your elderly loved one will receive depends on a number of factors, including their overall health and requirements, what insurance will pay, and the homecare services actually chosen. 

The First Visit

On the first visit, no matter what type of services you have signed your loved one up for, you and the attendant will spend some time getting acquainted. In addition to getting to know each other, the attendant will work with your loved one to come up with a plan of action for subsequent visits. Essentially, the services offered will be discussed and then the elderly loved one will indicate any needs or concerns. It would be a good idea if you are present during this first visit to help your loved one explain the services they are hoping to receive. 

Types of Care

There are essentially two main categories of in-home care services that your elderly loved one can receive: skilled or personal care services. 

  • Skilled – This includes various types of medical care as prescribed by a physician. The person who will visit is usually a nurse and will be able to do such things as monitor vitals, help the patient take medication, monitor food and drink, dress wounds, handle bed sores, give injections, and even administer intravenous medications. 
  • Personal – This can include helping with basic hygiene, including bathing, hair washing, brushing teeth, going to the bathroom, etc. It can also include handling household chores like vacuuming, washing dishes, doing laundry, grocery shopping, cooking, organizing the house, etc. 

The actual types of care needed will depend on what your elderly loved one needs. Sometimes, both services can be offered as well. You will need to spend some time talking with your loved one and their physician to determine what the best services would be in their own case. Make sure you allow your elderly loved one to have a part in the decision-making as well. 

Homecare services can be quite helpful for your elderly loved one, depending on their needs. Now that you know what to expect from the first visit, you can read this article to (What Is in Home Care) learn more about what in-home care services actually are. Additionally, you can read this article (Four Different Types of in Home Care Services) that better explains what in-home care is in its different forms. 

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