What to Consider When Choosing a Nursing Home

By The Care Centers.

Whether you are making the choice to move mom or dad to a nursing home, or a sudden change in his or her health is forcing the decision, there are some things you need to consider. This is never an easy decision, but paying attention to the following can help ensure your loved one will receive the best care.

Understanding the Types of Nursing Homes

There are different nursing homes that are designed to address specific needs in their patients. 

There are some that are similar in nature to a hospital, where patients receive medical care. These facilities often provide physical and speech therapy as well assisting with quality of life. 

Other homes are set up to mimic a normal household, which means there are often no specific routines that have to be followed. Patients are encouraged to live with each other in a more comfortable setting, and the staff will often form bonds with patients to create a more relaxed atmosphere.

There are also nursing homes that combine elements of both hospital and household type homes. These facilities may provide separate units that follow these models, with patients split between the two types of care.

Consider the Location

No matter what the reason for choosing a nursing home (link to The Most Important Questions You Need to Ask When Looking at Skilled Nursing Facilities), you need to ensure that the location works for the entire family as much as possible. This move is going to be difficult for everyone involved, but your loved one will need the support of his or her family.Look for an option that provides the easiest access for all involved. You will also want to consider whether the location will allow your family member’s personal physician to visit, and which hospital is nearby if there is an emergency situation.


Most nursing homes have rules on visiting hours, who can visit, and even whether pets are allowed to visit. Make sure the facility you choose has rules that work within your loved one’s and your family’s needs. If mom or dad has a favorite pet, it’s a good to make sure you can bring it in for a visit. This will do wonders for your family member’s state of mind, and help lessen the shock of moving into the facility. 

Plan a Visit

You should always visit the nursing home (link to Ten Questions to Ask When Choosing a Nursing Home) to make sure you like what you see. If the grounds are unkempt, the staff doesn’t seem attentive, or there is anything else that just seems “off” to you, you will not want your loved one to stay in that facility. You should choose a facility that fits with what you and your loved one think is acceptable.

Do Your Research

You should always make sure to do some research on the facility you are considering. Make sure to look for reviews, and ask to see recent inspection reports. If there is anything that stands out that is an issue for you, skip that facility and move on to the next one.

Choosing a nursing home is never easy, but keeping these considerations in mind will help you choose the best facility for your loved one.

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