What Does in Home Care Cost?

By The Care Centers.

While it is unfortunate, cost often becomes a factor when choosing the best way to take care of an elderly individual. If you have a loved one who is growing older, then you have to consider how you will continue their care. You could try to manage it on your own, but that could take more time and energy than you have, especially if you have other responsibilities. A nursing home can be very expensive, and it may be too drastic of a choice for an aging individual who is still capable of taking care of themselves for the most part. This is when in-home care could be the best option. 

Of course, you will need to consider how much in-home care will cost as well. While there are numerous different factors that can affect the price tag, you can get a good idea of what to expect realistically. 

The Factors That Affect Cost

Not all in-home care is the same. In fact, there are at least four different types you can consider, and each will come with its own price tag. For example, medical homecare is going to be more expensive by nature than companion care. That’s because the former requires a trained and certified nurse, usually an RN. That’s always going to mean a higher price. Other factors that can affect cost include: 

  • Extent of care needed during visits
  • Distance the visitor has to travel
  • The actual home health facility

One of the best things you can do is take the time to do research before choosing an in-home care option. You need to have a good idea of what the different facilities you could pick will charge. 

The Basic Numbers

Depending on the facility and service you choose, you could have different options to pay. These options could include daily, weekly, or monthly. Depending on your own budget, one option could work better for you and your elderly loved one than the other. Here is a breakdown of the average expenses for in-home care: 

  • Daily – Between $100 and $200 a day
  • Weekly – Depends on Number of Visits, Between $300 and $1,000 a week
  • Monthly – Between $3,000 and $6,000 a month

As you can see, the numbers vary drastically because of the different factors we have already discussed. You can find out more about cost by contacting the home health centers you are considering and finding out what they charge and how they accept payment. 

Obviously, you will need to do more research and get more details before you make a decision. If you are concerned about the expense, then read this article (Tips on How to Pay for in Home Care) that gives you tips on how to pay. Additionally, you may wish to read this article (How to Pay for in Home Care with Public Benefits) on how public benefits can pay for part or all of the expenses associated with homecare. Do not assume that it’s too expensive, but instead look into your different options so that you can cover the expense. That way, your loved one will get the help that they need. 

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