Top Seven Benefits of Home Health Care

By The Care Centers.

Home health care can provide a wealth of benefits for those who require help, but don't want to give up their lifestyle or independence. Whether you are caring for a loved one and need help, or you just want to make sure all of their needs are met, home health care may be just the solution you need. Consider these seven benefits, and see if this is the right option for your senior care needs.

#1 - Your Loved One Stays in Control

When it comes to the level of care provided, your loved one will be able to voice what services they want help with, and those activities that they are still comfortable dealing with on their own. 

#2 - Prolonged Independence

Your elderly loved one may be worried about giving up his or her independence. With home care services, these fears are eliminated. Instead, he or she will be able to continue living alone, as they will have the help they need with maintenance, daily living tasks, and even meal preparation so they can safely live on their own.

#3 - Affordability

In most cases, home health care is much more affordable than other care options (link to Understanding Your Senior Housing Options). When paying for in-home care, you are typically paying an hourly wage rather than the much higher daily costs associated with nursing homes and other inpatient facilities. The lack of room and board costs can make paying for care much easier.

#4 - Less Doctor Visits

Some studies have shown that seniors who receive home care visit the doctor up to 25% less than those who don't. This percentage is even higher for Alzheimer and dementia patients, which saw 50% less doctor visits.

#5 - Improved Safety

When a loved one lives on their own, the potential for falls and accidents increases as they age. Seniors who receive care or assistance in their homes will have access to someone that can help address potential hazards, or help them with activities that may pose a risk.

#6 - Your Loved One Stays at Home

Nearly every senior wants to remain in his or her own home, and opting for home care allows them to do so. Whether they require assistance with meals, bathing, medications, or medically necessary procedures, your loved one will have access to services that will keep him or her in the home, which is a major boost to their mental health.

#7 - Watchful Eyes

When home care is involved with your loved one's care, the visiting nurse will be able to recognize any potential problems that require immediate medical care. This ensures that he or she will receive the care they need as soon as possible, which can have a major impact on health outcomes.

Your goal is to allow your loved one to be as safe and comfortable as possible, and home care services can make that happen. If you think your loved one would benefit (link to How to Deal With Resistance to Elder Care) from home care, discuss it with them to ensure they understand exactly why you are doing it.

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