Top Five Benefits of Hiring a Geriatric Care Manager

By The Care Centers.

Even though most people have never heard the term geriatric care manager, or GCM, if you have an aging loved one, hiring one can make the entire caring process easier for everyone involved. A professional GCM works with families to provide private case management for those who are caring for elderly loved ones. These services, though generally unheard of for the most part, can provide significant benefits that help your loved one maintain their quality of life. The following are the top five benefits of choosing to work with a geriatric care manager.

#1 - Health Care Savings

GCMs have an in-depth understanding of the health care system that allows them to suggest lower-cost or free services and products that are often available within the community. Their knowledge of resources and experience working with the elderly allow them to ensure you are taking full advantage of the options available to lower the cost (link to Top Five Tips to Lower In Home Care Costs) of care. All of this is done without lessening the level or quality of care that your loved one receives.

#2 - Monitoring Expenses and Payouts

A geriatric care manager works with your loved one to ensure he or she is not paying for multiple insurance policies that provide the same coverages, and assists with keeping track of purchases and donations to ensure they are not spending additional cash on things that have already been purchased.

#3 - Increased Convenience for Family Members

Many family members live in other states, which can make monitoring care difficult. The GCM will supervise your loved one’s care, medical appointments, and home care staff to ensure all needs are being met properly. If there is a potential emergency situation, the geriatric care manager will verify the issue for you to eliminate unnecessary travel. This will also help family members avoid lost wages, as he or she can depend on the GCM to monitor all care as needed.

#4 - Greater Efficiency in Care

The geriatric case manager is onsite to monitor all care services, including institutional care, to ensure your loved one is receiving the actual care he or she needs. This helps to reduce unnecessary charges and services, as well as preventing institutional care (link to Comparing Costs for Elder Care) and unnecessary hospital visits.

#5 - Decreased Household Expenses

GCMs use their experience and familiarity with the community to assist with locating discounts and cost savings that are offered by utility companies and other programs within the community. Additionally, he or she will take the time to arrange for these services and discounts on your behalf to ensure the savings start as soon as possible – even if you are unable to miss work to make the arrangements yourself. 

While geriatric care services are not covered under most insurances, and their rates can be somewhat high, their services are invaluable for many families. If you are struggling to care for your elderly loved one due to living in another state, employment requirements, or any other reason, a GCM may be just what you need to make caring for your family member easier and less stressful

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