Personal Care Assistants

By The Care Centers.

Elderly loved ones may have the ability to live at home, but they may need extra help with their own personal hygiene. For example, they may have trouble bathing themselves or washing their hair. That doesn’t mean they should automatically have to enter a nursing home. Studies show that people who are able to age in place (stay in their home instead of going to an assisted living facility) will be much happier. So, if your loved one does need some form of assistance, then you could help them choose personal care. Here are five things that personal in-home care can offer. 

1. Basic Care

To begin with, personal care aides will provide basic personal care, companionship, and even light help around the house. Your elderly loved one may simply need just a few things done on a regular basis, and this kind of professional could fit the bill. These aids will not be able to help with anything medical related because they are not trained in the healthcare field. 

2. Personal Hygiene

The main purpose of the personal care aide will be to assist with hygiene. If the patient is bedridden, then they can offer sponge baths, diaper changing, etc. If your loved one is still mobile, then the aide will be able to assist with bathing and hair washing for safety. 

3. Light Housework

Personal care attendants aren’t the kind that will be able to do any type of housework. However, they can perform light activities, such as washing dishes, sweeping the floor, doing a load of laundry here and there, etc. 

4. Handle Meals

Personal care aides can also help with meals. This can include planning a weekly menu, shopping for the proper foods, and then preparing meals. This can be a big help to elderly individuals who could be in danger of hurting themselves when moving around the kitchen or cooking. 

5. Skin Health

As individuals get older, their skin will suffer from dryness and damage. Their skin will need to be looked after more carefully. Personal care aides will help with this. They can apply lotions and ointments and check the skin for signs of damage. 

As you can see, there are many different things that personal care aides can do in order to help look after your elderly loved one. Oftentimes, hiring this type of assistance can put off the elderly loved one having to go to a nursing home. If you feel that a personal care aide could be helpful, then bring this up in discussion with your loved one. 

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