How to Tell if Independent Living Is Right for You

By The Care Centers.

As we age, things that were once easy have become more difficult. That house that was once filled with children is now simply too big for your needs. These and many other situations may be why you are considering the move to independent living. Keep reading to find out how to assess your own needs to see if this is the right choice (link to Understanding Your Senior Housing Options) for you.

Maintaining Your Home

Have you started to notice that you are having trouble keeping up with yard work, maintenance, or cleaning? While you may love your home, if maintaining it is just becoming too much for you to handle, independent living may be just the answer you need. You will have your own smaller home, and most maintenance and upkeep will be taken care of for you. 

Utility Bills

If you live in a large home, are you struggling to keep up with utility payments? Perhaps you simply know you are heating and cooling rooms that are rarely used any longer, or you just keep forgetting to send those payments in the mail. Whatever the reason, when you move to an independent living facility, you won’t have to deal with taking care of all of the utilities on your own. Many communities factor some of these payments into your monthly rent so they are easier to manage.


If you are having trouble getting around, or you no longer feel as comfortable driving around, you may be feeling isolated. You might even be dealing with the loss of a spouse, which has left you feeling more alone than ever. If this sounds like an issue you are facing, independent living may be just what you need to reconnect with others. A move to a senior community (link to The Top Myths About Senior Living) will provide you with an entire community of people who share similar interests, helping you to develop meaningful friendships and take part in activities.

Declining Health

If you suffer from an illness or condition that you know will get worse over time, you are having difficulty with everyday activities, or you find yourself forgetting to take important medications, independent living is a great option. There will always be someone available to give you the help you need, allowing you to live on your own for considerably longer.

Lack of Mobility

If you are no longer able to drive, or you just don’t feel comfortable doing so, you may have to rely on family, friends, or public transportation to help you get around. Most retirement communities provide on-site activities and entertainment, as well as transportation so you can regain your active lifestyle, without having to drive yourself or ask others.

Senior living is a great option for those who are still independent, yet want the added security and convenience of knowing that help is just moments away. If you are ready to make a change that will make your life easier and less stressful, independent living may be just what you’re looking for.

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