How to Choose the Right Hospice

By The Care Centers.

When you need to call in hospice care for your elderly loved one, then you may have some choices to make. To begin with, it will all depend on where your loved one lives. There may be several hospice facilities to choose from, or you may be limited to only one or two. No matter the case, you will want to ensure the right decision is made, and if you are taking care of your elderly loved one, then you will need to do a lot of the legwork and research before choosing a hospice program. Choosing the right hospice can be as simple as asking the right questions, so let’s go through some of the questions that you should ask of a facility representative before you make the right decision

What Services Do You Provide?

This will be important because the decision should be based on what your loved one needs from hospice care. Facilities may offer all-encompassing services, or they may be limited. Additionally, you need to determine if they provide hospice care just in their facility or at other locations including your loved one’s home or a nursing home. 

What Support Is Available for Me as the Caregiver?

As the caregiver of an elderly loved one who is reaching the end of their life, you have a lot of stress and responsibilities on you. It can be hard when you are providing this care day in and day out. You may need a break, and this is another way that hospice care could be helpful. They may offer someone to stay with your loved one while you have a break. 

What Will Volunteers Do?

Most hospice facilities offer volunteers who will be able to perform a number of activities. Some can simply run errands, go to the pharmacy, or buy groceries. Others have been trained to provide more in-depth options, including grief counseling. 

What Will Hospice Do to Make My Loved One Comfortable?

The whole purpose of hospice is palliative care, which means doing extra things to ensure your loved one stays comfortable during the last days of their life. You need to know what type of plan the facility you are considering will put into place. This could include administration of various levels of pain medication depending on the patient and their needs. 

Are You Medicare Certified?

If you want hospice to be paid for through Medicare, then you do need to ask this question. Not all facilities are, so this is important to check on. 

Choosing the right hospice facility will be very important, so take your time and pick one that you can depend on to provide the best possible care of your loved one. If you need more information on what hospice care has to offer, then read this article (What Is Hospice and What You Can Expect from It) on what you can expect when they begin visiting. You can also find out more information specifically on the services from a hospice by reading this article (Five Basics of What Hospice Means). That way, you will feel better prepared to make the right decision. 

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