What to Expect from Treatment for Alcoholism or Drug Abuse

By The Care Centers. Posted on Sat Feb 20 2016

If you have a problem with drugs and/or alcohol, the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem. Whether your family has staged an intervention, your spouse has expressed concern for your health and safety, or you’ve come to the conclusion that you need help on your own, you’re probably wondering what you can expect from drug and alcohol treatment, right? While rehab facilities differ in their approaches and programs, you can generally expect a very similar experience wherever you go for quality care during your recovery.

The first step in your recovery is to get clean and go through the physical withdrawal process. If you have a physical dependency on alcohol or another substance, then you should speak with the people at your rehab facility to determine whether you should go through detox and get sober at their facility or at a facility that specializes in treating patients as they go through withdrawal.

New Living Arrangements
Rehab facilities can differ a great deal from one another. Some look and feel much like summer camp when you were a kid, while others are set up like luxury resorts. Most treatment facilities will be somewhere in between, and you can find one in your area that suits your needs and your budget the best. Before you start your program, you’ll likely have the chance to tour the facility and decide if it’s somewhere that you can live for the next few weeks or months as you begin the recovery process.

Rehabilitation Through Education
While many facilities base their approaches to recovery on 12-step programs, all of them base a large portion of their programs on education. You’ll learn to see your addiction in a new, honest light. You’ll learn about accountability and responsibility, and your new perspective should change your view on drugs and alcohol. By the time you leave, you should no longer be in denial about the severity of your addiction, and you should understand on a deep level how important it is to quit and live a more productive and healthy life.

Group and Individual Counseling
While you’re in treatment, you can expect to have regular one-on-one counseling sessions with a professional addiction counselor. In addition to these individual sessions, you’ll also have group sessions with people like yourself, where you can all share your experiences and stories. These will be moderated by an addiction counselor, and they’re all designed specifically to help you and other patients learn to cope with difficult situations and normal life when you leave rehab.

Outpatient Treatment and Support Groups
After you leave the rehab facility, you will likely move on to at least a few sessions of outpatient treatments. And you will likely also be encouraged to attend group support meetings for people like yourself. These could be AA, NA, or other 12-step program meetings, or they could be based on other approaches to addiction recovery. You may also want to continue individual counseling, as well, but this will depend a great deal on you and where you are in the recovery process.

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