Do You or Someone You Love Have a Problem? The 20 Questions, Signs and Symptoms

By The Care Centers. Posted on Fri Feb 26 2016

The first step to getting help with an addiction is to identify it and admit that you have a problem. If you believe that you or someone you love has a problem with drugs or alcohol, but you aren’t sure or you do not know how to approach the issue, start with these 20 questions, signs, and symptoms. If you believe that you have a problem, ask yourself these questions and see how many you answer “Yes” to. If you have a family member or friend who has a problem, sit down with them and go through these questions together. Most of these are worded to address alcoholism, but they are still applicable with other types of substance abuse.

1. Do You Avoid Family and Friends So You Can Drink?
2. Do You Drink to Deal With Disappointment, Anger, Sadness, or Other Negative Emotions?
3. Has Your Tolerance Increased Since You Started Drinking?
4. Do You Try to Sneak a Few Extra Drinks Without Others Seeing?
5. Do You Feel Uncomfortable in Situations Where Alcohol Is Unavailable?
6. Do You Ever Feel Guilty About Drinking?
7. Have You Had Friends or Family Members Express Concern About Your Drinking?
8. How Often Do You Blackout? Is It More Often Than in the Past?
9. When Your Friends Are Done Drinking Do You Want to Keep Going?
10. When You Sober Up, Do You Regret the Things You Said and Did When You Were Drunk?
11. Have You Had Any Legal Troubles Due to Drinking?
12. Has Drinking Caused Any Financial Troubles?
13. Has a Doctor or Other Medical Professional Ever Advised You to Cut Back on Your Drinking?
14. Do You Sometimes Get the Shakes in the Morning? Does Having a Drink or Taking a Tranquilizer Help?
15. Do You Ever See or Hear Things That Aren’t There When You’ve Been Drinking?
16. Have Your Parents or Grandparents Had Problems With Alcohol or Other Substances?
17. Do You Sometimes Feel Anxious or Depressed After Periods of Heavy Drinking?
18. Do You Eat Irregularly or Very Little When Drinking?
19. Have You Made Promises to Yourself to Stop or Cut Back on Drinking But Failed?
20. Have You Sought Help for Alcoholism Before But Then Gone Back to Drinking?

How many of these questions did you answer “Yes” to? Answering yes to even one or just a few of these questions may indicate that you or someone you love has a drinking problem.

If you or someone you care about has a problem with alcohol or any other substance abuse, The Care Centers are here for you in locations across the United States. From Addiction Research and Treatment Inc. in California to over 200 rehab facilities in Maine, The Care Centers are here for you to help you and your loved ones get the help you need to live fully functional, happy, and healthy lives. Contact us today for more information.

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