Cocaine Addiction: Symptoms and Warning Signs

By The Care Centers. Posted on Fri Feb 26 2016

A lot of people think that cocaine is a somewhat dated drug. It had its heyday in the ‘80s, but it’s mostly petered out by now, right? Unfortunately, that’s completely wrong. Cocaine has made a serious comeback over the past few years, and it is now more popular than ever. Not only that, but because this dangerous drug does not cause the same physical dependence that heroin, methamphetamines, and alcohol can cause, many people think that it’s perfectly safe.

Why Is Cocaine So Dangerous?
While it is not nearly as physically addictive as some other recreational drugs, cocaine should still be considered very dangerous. It’s very psychologically addictive, and because it is often cut with arsenic, baby powder, and other substances, it can be fatal, even if you only use it once.

Does Someone You Love Have a Cocaine Problem?
If you believe that someone you love has a problem with cocaine, you should learn what to look for. Some symptoms include unexplained nosebleeds, aggression, paranoia, manic behavior, insomnia, anxiety, loss of sense of smell, a collapsed nostril, and/or a hoarse voice that never seems to go away.

Spotting Cocaine Abuse
If you have a friend or family member who has a cocaine problem, they may go out to bars or nightclubs throughout the week, and they may stay out very late on a regular basis. Even if they do not go out, they will likely stay up late and have difficulty getting up in the morning. Because cocaine is an upper, it almost always interferes with users’ sleep patterns from the very beginning.

Unexplained Manic Behavior
Observe how your loved one acts throughout the day or in the evening if you go out with a group of friends. Are they typically morose and sluggish in the mornings but then seem to pep up and appear perkier after a trip to the bathroom or two? After a few more trips to the bathroom (which should seem suspicious in and of itself), do they start to act in an erratic, manic way? Do they become short-tempered or aggressive? These are all telltale signs that your friend or family member has been sneaking off to get high throughout the day or evening.

Get Help Before It’s Too Late
If you’ve spotted the signs and warnings that your friend or loved one has a cocaine problem, it is absolutely essential that you try to help them. Cocaine addicts believe that they can stop any time, and that they aren’t actually addicted. However, they often have trouble controlling their dosages. Thus, it’s very easy to overdose, and as we mentioned earlier, with the wrong batch of drugs, sometimes they won’t even need to take “too much” to have a lethal does.

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that cocaine isn’t a serious drug or that it’s not “really” addictive. If someone you love has a problem, start the process of getting them help at a rehab facility today.


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